New IPA Europe webinar: can a mutual solution be found for probiotics in Europe?

Categorised in: Posted on Thu 10th March

A new webinar of the series “Probiotic talks from Europe” will take place on April 4 at 3PM CET: we will discuss with the help of our experts different scenarios that could create a favourable legal environment for the use of the term probiotic in the EU on labelling and communication.

Probiotic food, food supplements, probiotics in novel and traditional food: whatever ‘probiotic’ you see on the market,  the product falls within the scope of the EU General Food Law which protects human health and consumer interests.

There is growing scientific evidence on the role of probiotics in nutrition and health and strong attention from health professionals, but the regulatory situation in the EU prevents food business operators from providing information about the probiotic ingredients to consumers, including the mere statement of the presence of these probiotic ingredients.
With no possibility to use other tools to communicate about probiotics, the lack of claims for probiotics has deprived the consumers of clear and accurate information and hampered the industry.

The new webinar will address the uncertainty caused by the current situation in Europe, and how policy makers can design coherent policies to address the triple challenge of better consumer information, a competitive and innovative European industry and legal certainty for this category of ingredients.
Today, however, there are several national interpretations  and some of them  are more in line with the role that probiotics play in diet and with consumer expectations of better information.