International legal framework – CODEX

The development of guidelines and a harmonized framework for probiotics is necessary to ensure and sustain quality probiotic products on a global scale

IPA Europe collaborates with the International Probiotics Association (IPA) to ensure that products everywhere in the world that are intended to be marketed as “probiotics” meet an harmonized, science-based definition, and minimum criteria. For this reason, the Association introduced in 2017 a proposal for new work on probiotics at the Codex Alimentarius (Link) and it supports the development of Codex guidelines for the use of probiotics, as a category, in food and food supplements. The goal would be to provide a guidance based on current best practices and learnings, ensuring quality products that deliver clear and credible information to consumers.


In November 2019 the 41st Session of the CCNFSDU (CCNFSDU41) agreed that from now on, all proposals for new work under this Committee will have to be considered under a new prioritisation mechanism. As concluded by CCNFSDU41, Argentina and Malaysia are expected to work together on the preparation of the Revised Proposal for new work on Codex Harmonised Probiotic Guidelines for use in foods and food supplements, for its submission and for discussion by the Preparatory Working Group to the CCNFSDU42. The meeting conclusions and recommendations on the Revised Proposal would then be considered by CCNFSDU42. The next CCNFSDU42 will be held on 23-27 November 2020.