Who we are

IPA Europe is a non-profit international association, based in the heart of the European district in Brussels, that represents the interests of the European Probiotic Industry in all discussions with the European Institutions, the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA), international institutions and national authorities, aiming to consolidate the probiotic category and boost EU competitiveness.

Together, IPA & IPA Europe are engaged in establishing a clear framework for the use of the term probiotics, to better address the challenges the probiotic sector is facing and contribute actively to the international debate in the Codex Alimentarius.  (Join us)

Enterprise number BE 0633.510.166

EU Transparency Register 294688218286 – 10



Yakult / Bart Degeest

Board Members

BioGaia / Carolina Mofors

ChrHansen / Niklas Larsson

IFF / Sebastien Guery

Lallemand / Solange Henoud

Lesaffre / Sophie Legrain

Probi / Anita Johansen

THT-Puratos / François Heroufosse

George Paraskevakos /IPA, observer

Working Groups and Committees

On the 30th May 2024 Svend Laulund (Chr Hansen) was nominated as Chair of the Steering Committe.

On 19th  September 2023 Sylvie Binda (Lallemand) was confirmed as Chair of the Scientific Working Group.

On 19th Settembre 2023  Karen Vokes (IFF) was confirmed as Chair of the Regulatory Committee


Rosanna Pecere
IPA Europe
Executive Director