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Brussels, 11 September 2023

The International Probiotic Association (IPA & IPAEurope) is returning with the 3rd Science & Business Symposium during the 12th Probiotic, Prebiotics, and New Food Congress

(Rome 16-19 September 2023)

IPA with IPAEurope is returning with the 3rd Science & Business Symposium during the 12th Probiotic, Prebiotics, and New Food event in Rome. The IPA DAY will take place on September 18, from 10:00 to 15:00, featuring sessions covering significant initiatives of IPA and IPA Europe.

In the morning, the Biotics session talks will cover Prebiotics, with Koen Venema PhD, University Maastricht, Simone Guglielmetti PhD, University of Milan, will intervene on Postbiotics. Veera Kainulainen PhD, University of Helsinki, will introduce ‘The Next Gen Probiotics’, while Synbiotics will be the topic of  Caroline Childs PhD, University of Southampton. The afternoon Session will start at 14:30, with a presentation of the public standards for the Probiotic industry:  Testing and IPA work with ISO realities – Adrianne Klijn PhD, Nestlé Institute of Food Safety and Analytical Sciences.

Regulations take centre stage in the upcoming IPA Europe session, starting at 15:15. During this session, we’ll delve into various facets of regulations and their dynamic evolution, including their intersection with the world of scientific knowledge and its practical applications.

  • Introduction by the IPA Europe President, Esben Laulund (Denmark): welcome and introduction to the event by Esben Laulund, the President of IPA Europe.
  • The evolution of European demand for probiotics: Can the EC meet the challenges. This presentation will involve a discussion on the changing demand for probiotics in Europe and whether the European Commission is equipped to address these challenges. IPA Europe will present the regulatory context in various European countries.
  • How to bridge the gap between science and industry: EUFIC, the European Food Information Council. Debora Serra from Belgium will talk about projects related to nutrition and health in Europe, focusing on how scientific information on beneficial microorganisms and can be effectively communicated to the food industry and the public.
  • Opportunities by genome editing technologies for food cultures. Fabio Dal Bello, the Scientific Director of Sacco System and Chair of the Regulatory Working Group at EFFCA, will discuss how genome editing technologies can be leveraged for food cultures in various way.
  • Probiotic and EC Regulation 2015/2283 on novel food: “How is a self-evaluation made to realize if a probiotic culture is a traditional species?”. Svend Laulund from Denmark, representing Chr. Hansen, will address the process and the available sources to determine if a probiotic culture qualifies as a traditional species under EC Regulation 2015/2283 on novel food.
  • The IPA President, Esben Laulund (Denmark) will conclude the session with some final remarks, summarizing key takeaways from the discussions.

All the relevant information are available on the Congress Website

Contact Information:

Rosanna Pecere

Executive Director IPA Europe