Denmark authorises the use of the term ‘probiotic’ on food supplements’ labels

Categorised in: Posted on Tue 11th May

Denmark has published on May 11 2021 a new guideline on labelling which authorises the use of the term ‘probiotic’ on food supplements labels. The term can be used as a mandatory category designation for food supplements.

The Netherlands and Poland have recently stated that in future they will consider ‘probiotics’ as a mandatory category term for dietary supplements and Denmark has chosen to follow this interpretation. This means that the term ‘probiotic’ for food supplements can be considered a mandatory category term. Food supplement products can therefore now be labeled with ‘probiotics’ as a mandatory category designation when the product contains live lactic acid bacteria and / or bifidobacteria. It is assumed that the term ‘probiotic’ is used in such a way that it does not appear as a claim of the product. Only the term ‘probiotic’ may be used and not additional information such as ‘probiotic effect’ or similar information that may be considered a health claim, which must comply with the rules of claim.

Following the interpretation of Denmark, for common foods such a category designation is considered as voluntary labeling information, and an indication of ‘contains probiotics’ will be subject to the rules of the Claims Regulation. The term ‘probiotic’ can therefore used only on food supplements but not on other foods or food ingredients.

Link to the Danish Food Authorities webpage