Can a mutual solution be found for probiotics in Europe? Report and recording are now available

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The third webinar “Can a mutual solution be found for probiotics in Europe?” of the webinar series “Probiotic talks from Europe”, which took place on April 4 2022, saw a wide participation of public.

The webinar was focused on the uncertainty caused by the current regulatory situation in Europe for probiotic foods and food supplements, and on how policy makers can design coherent policies to address the triple challenge of better consumer information, a competitive and innovative European industry and legal certainty for this category of ingredients. 

After the introduction of IPA Europe President Esben Laulund, legal expert Katia Merten-Lentz presented the current situation and potential scenarios. The Q&A was moderated by Karen Vokes, Chair of the IPA Europe Regulatory Committee.

The report of the webinar is now available in the IPA Europe website, and the recording is available in the IPA Europe YouTube channel.