Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition accepts the term “probiotic” on food labeling

Categorised in: Posted on Thu 19th November

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) will accept the use of the term “probiotic” on the labels of food and food supplements produced and commercialized in the country.

AESAN states  that the  Commission’s Guide to the Implementation of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 is not legally binding and there are different interpretations by the European Member States regarding the use of the term “probiotic”.

The Spanish Agency acknowledges the significant presence of products containing probiotics (citing food supplements and infant formulas) on the Spanish market. Given that adjacent markets are already using the term “probiotic”, the Agency considered that the position it held until now may be detrimental for the Spanish industry, market and consumers.

These products come from different EU countries, where they are allowed to be marketed under this name, and therefore cannot be prevented from being marketed in Spainfor the ‘principle of mutual recognition’  laid down in the Treaty on European Union.

Based on the above:  the term “probiotic/s” can be accepted in Spain, also for food and food supplements produced in Spain. The Agency clarified that this resolution does not imply the authorization of any health claim for probiotics in Spain.

Read the original Q&A statement from the Spanish authority (ESP)

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