Meeting with the European Food safety Authority (EFSA)

Categorised in: Posted on Wed 29th January

On 18 January 2019, IPA Europe met with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in Parma, Italy, for a scientific discussion. This enabled IPA Europe scientific experts to gain a better understanding of the EFSA role and remit, particularly with regard to scientific substantiation of health claims made on food.

A debate also took place regarding the lack of a harmonized EU approach, and the confusion this causes for consumers. It was clear from this exchange that there is an urgent need to ensure recognition of the Probiotics category and to adopt a coherent, harmonized approach within the EU Single Market.

With their mandate limited to providing opinions on health claims, the EFSA cannot be held accountable for the difficult situation of probiotics in Europe. Any changes to the current impasse, can only be initiated by the European Commission.

IPA Europe will therefore continue dedicating efforts and resources to improving the environment for Probiotics in Europe and is seeking to do so in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders.