IPA Webinar: Probiotic Innovations, a reset back to the future

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February 25th 2021 – 11AM EDT (5PM CET)

The evolution of anything suggests the future, a new era and betterment. In the dawn of a new year, IPAs first 2021 webinar will touch on new concepts which may be based on older thought processes.
Starting with good microbes tied to the decrease of communicable disease, then we explore circadian rhythms and how gut microbes dislike like vampirical situations and conclude with the idea of Pavlovian conditioning; there are things that do not need to be learned but are hard wired into their reflexes. Can bacteria surroundings react to changes in their environments and how this may influence human health in the future? 

The speakers: IPA EU Scientific Working Group’s Dr Bruno Pot, University of New Mexico’s Dr Joe Alcock and University of Cork’s Prof. Colin Hill: they wil discuss on microbial intelligencedietary microbes and answer questions such as “Does shift work affect the microbiota, and are probiotics the answer?”.

Attendance is free but registration mandatory